Class Times Day Description Price
11:10 am - 12:10 pm Saturday Basic Skills Class price by series
11:10 am - 12:10 pm Saturday Adult Basic Class price by series
4:40 pm – 5:40 pm Tuesday & Wednesday Basic Skills Class price by series
5:10 pm – 6:10 pm Tuesday & Wednesday Bridge Class price by series
Freestyle Sessions Monday - Saturday Member walk on $8
Freestyle Sessions Monday - Saturday Visiting non-member walk on $10


Above pricing is for our Basic Skills Members. All classes are run on series ranging from 4-8 weeks depending on the time of year. Please email for more information and to sign up.

ALL visiting skaters will need to sign a waiver prior to getting on the ice.

ALL visiting coaches will need to sign liability forms and provide proof of liability Insurance as well as PSA accreditation. The fee for visiting coaches is $25 per day.


The Huntsville Skating School and Training Academy (HSSTA) has been in existence since 1959. It began at the Ice Palace on Governors Drive, owned by Benton H. Wilcoxon. In 1991, the Skating School moved to its present location.

The Huntsville Skating School has been one of the charter schools for the Ice Skating Institute since 1959, celebrating 50 years of membership. Our instructors have taken skating school members to thousand of ISI competitions, winning tens-of-thousands of medals over the years. Our program allows skaters to participate in both recreational (ISI) and competitive (USFS) events. In addition, the Huntsville Skating School skaters have been the recipients of many team trophies.

In 2010 the Skating Club of Huntsville celebrated 50 years of membership with the US Figure Skating Association.


The Mission of the Skating School is to safely serve the community in all areas of skating with excellence.


The Huntsville Skating School offers a variety of services which include: Basic Skills, Tots Classes, Adult Classes, Hockey Basics, Freestyle, Dance, Pairs, and Specialty Classes. In addition, the Huntsville Skating School is the only school in the state to offer a Special Olympics program. Our Special Olympic skaters have been selected to represent the U.S. in the Special Olympics World Games.

Please refer to our scheduling grid by selecting the appropriate button above for times for these events.

We offer five camps a year, fall, holiday, spring, and 2 summer. The Skating School has two annual performances per year, one in the spring and the other in the winter.

The Huntsville Skating School, and the Skating Club of Huntsville, co-host two competitions per year. Rocket City Junior Classic, a Basic Skills event in the spring, and the Rocket City Classic Invitational in August. Skaters and Officials from Ohio, Kentucky, Georgia, Florida, Tennessee, Mississippi, Texas, and Alabama attend. Everything listed above is available to all Skating School Members. Please refer to the HSSTA Calendar of Events for all the services the Skating School has to offer its members.



Editha Dotson-Bowser

Director of Skating


Melinda Mowdy

HSSTA Instructor


Florence Cushman

HSSTA Instructor


Jim Bowser

HSSTA Instructor


Jillian Riley

HSSTA Instructor and Administrator


Dustin Sierk

HSSTA Instructor


Ginger Gober

HSSTA Instructor


Cassie Andrews

HSSTA Instructor


Nadege Dollonne - Rohrbacker

HSSTA Instructor


Lorraine Borman

HSSTA Instructor


Brittany Mock

HSSTA Instructor


Shayna Wood

HSSTA Instructor

Huntsville Skating School and Training Academy(HSSTA)

In addition to our Instructors, the Skating School also has 10 Teacher Assistants.

Our Professional Staff Members are all certified by the PSA (Professional Skaters Association) and four are Master rated with the PSA. Each HSSTA instructor is also a member of US Figure Skating and several are members of, and certified Judges for, the Ice Skating Institute at the Gold and Silver levels. Dita Dotson-Bowser, the Skating School Director, was recognized by the US Figure Skating (USFS) as one of four finalists for Developmental Coach of the Year and has been inducted into the Madison County Athletic Hall of Fame. All our instructors attend annual workshops, seminars, and national conferences to pursue continuing education and ratings.

Our Coaches have had more than 40 skaters qualify for USFS National Championships and International Competitions. More than 25 medals have been won at the national and international level. In addition, our skaters have represented the Huntsville Regional, Sectional, and National competition since 1971.

For additional information or questions please call:

256-883-3773 ext. 208

Huntsville Skating School Office Hours:

Monday to Friday - 12-6pm
Saturday - 9am-1pm

Figure Skating FAQ’s:

How do I get myself or my child started in ice skating?

The HSSTA has Beginner Classes for children and adults all year long. You can start as soon as you're ready and continue until you reach your skating goal. Visit our Class page to determine which class would work best for you!

When should I hire a private coach?

Group classes are a great way to learn basic skating skills, but you can hire a private coach for supplemental lessons at any time! Private lessons take place during one of our Freestyle sessions.

Which coach is right for my child?

Some things to look for in a coach are personality, teaching style, teaching experience, skating background and technical know-how.

Why do I need to join the Skating Club of Huntsville?

Join the club to make friends, go to competitons, perform in ice shows and exhibitions and take skating tests. It's a blast!

What is the purpose of testing?

The test structure is a ladder of proficiency tests designed to encourage skill development and measure skill mastery.

How does my child get into a competition?

Skaters can compete at every level, even basic skills! To find an event near you, check the rink's bulletin board or stop by the HSSTA office!

How much should my child practice?

Practice and dedication are keys to success. Rule of thumb is to practice 2-3 times for every lesson if possible. Practice = perfect!

When do I buy skates?

Skate rental is included through Basic Skill Level 5, but you can invest in your own equipment anytime! Check out the rink's on-site pro shop, Skateworld, for more information on skating equipment.

What size rental skate do I get?

Rental skates should be the same size as your shoes or one size smaller.

Can I get used skates?

Yes; however, figure skates usually conform to the foot of the owner, so be sure they are fitted properly before spending too much money on something that might not be right for your skater.

How do I tie skates?

Tie your skates from the toes up through the bottom hooks and lace them looser as you progress through the top hooks to provide for enough circulation and appropriate ankle flexibility.

How do I prepare for a lesson?

Rinks are chilly, so skaters should dress in warm, comfortable layers that allow for movement. Always remember to bring gloves and wear thin socks for your lessons. You should use the restroom before putting skates on and have your skates laced up and ready to go 10 minutes prior to class for stretching and warm-up.

How do I support my child?

Be on time and prepared for lessons, encourage your skater to practice and be patient! If your child enters a competition, remember to teach them good sportsmanship regardless of the result.

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