Hockey player Lauren Mosley working to Expand Our Rink

Lauren Mosley has been playing hockey at the Benton H. Wilcoxon Municipal Ice Complex for years. One of the few girls involved in the sport she has now taken on not one, but two big goals. She is hoping to get more girls involved in the sport of hockey and is raising money for the planned capitol improvements needed at the Ice Complex.

The Benton H. Wilcoxon Municipal Ice Complex needs to expand. With high enrollment numbers has come the need for more locker rooms, restrooms, and multi-purpose rooms. In addition, the aging facility will need some large scale upgrades to equipment in the near future. The $900,000 price tag is daunting, but fundraising is well underway and with the city of Huntsville chipping in just over half of the cost, there is a chance the Ice Complex could break ground on the expansion in 2017.

Lauren is hoping to speed the process along. She is selling $5 “Expand our Rink” wristbands and, with the help of her mom, has set up a Rally Me page to accept donations. She is already nearing $1,000.00 and is well on her way to her goal of $25,000.00. Lauren wants to raise that sum so that one of the new locker rooms will be named after her, a lofty goal for anyone, but especially for someone so young. But Lauren says she knows she can do it, and here at the Ice Complex we know that she can too.

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