Expansion Project Campaign


200 Club Members

John and Heather Green

Keith and April Schonrock

Kimber Appleton

 Scott Appleton

Melinda Mowdy

Meredith and Russell Ivey

Pamela York

Pamela Hudson

Phillip Fox

Sharla Grable

Steve Clough

Tyler and Molli Kirby

Wendy Ruch

Katie Hahn

Roy Longino: in honor of Fred Hudson

Gina Cooper

Erin Koshut

Mary Nair


Kim and Austin Ziehlke

Alli Ziehlke

Editha Dotson-Bowser

Dana Tomalty

Joseph F. Kestner

Betty Schonrock

Kimberly Ford

Jan Davis

Lawrence Hennebeck

Susan J. Phelan

Amanda Williams

David and Vikki Edwards

Dean Hudson

Diane Brown

Fred Hudson

James and Tracie Johnston

Timothy and Nicole Harper

Paul and Jarcia Kosinski

Ralph Stone

Becky and Jeff Crownover

Did you know…

If every participant enrolled in each program at the Ice Complex made a tax-deductible donation of $200, our fundraising goal of $400,000 would be achieved!

Your donation WILL make a difference!

As interest in ice activities continues to grow, so does our need for additional locker rooms, restrooms and multi-purpose rooms. An improved rink will help us attract larger and more prestigious events which will both increase our economic impact and allow us to offer more opportunities to our loyal patrons.
200 Club members understand that the benefits of this expansion will reach beyond our walls and into the city as a whole.

Join the 200 Club today!

You can join now, just click the DONATE button below and be sure to reference the 200 Club in the note section. You can also donate in person or mail a check to the Ice Complex located at 3185 Leeman Ferry Road, Huntsville, AL 35801.

The 200 Club and its members will always be a part of the Expansion. With each donation, members may sign a tile that will eventually become a feature wall within the new expansion.

The first 50 donations will also receive a sponsored t-shirt.


Renderings of the proposed expansion

"The rink was built 25 years ago and the number of kids using the rink has grown since that time. This expansion is really needed to accommodate them."

- Amy Mosely

Hockey Mom

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