Hockey Leagues

Do you want to get yourself or your child into hockey? The NAHA is here to help you, your son, or your daughter get involved in the sport of hockey. For many, hockey seems too complicated to even get started. We are here to help and to show you the path!

NAHA is focused on growing grassroots programs while providing safe and enjoyable hockey experiences for the entire community. We offer programs for all ages and all skill levels in a safe and fun environment. We offer a variety of programs to get you started and to keep you engaged and having fun.

The following list of programs shows the general hierarchical stages of development.

1. Learn to Play Hockey

This is the first step for your child. Here, quality certified staff members work with players in a small coach-to-player atmosphere, teaching the basics of skating and puck handling. This program ranges in age from 4 to 12. Equipment for this program is provided each week.

2. Development Programs

These programs are designed to offer players the opportunity to develop in all areas of the game, ranging from power skating, goaltending, shooting, checking, to fun and games. Players of all levels are encouraged to attend, including (but not limited to) those in the House League and those on Select or Travel teams. There is no point when a player is ever "done" with development programs, as these will always afford your child with the fundamental skills they need in each stage of their development. Development Programs run through the year, but are offered more frequently in the spring and summer.

3. House League

The House League is the place for all players after they have developed their fundamental skating and puck handling skills in the Learn to Play Hockey program. This program is mostly recreational, and players are drafted onto teams to play against other teams within the program. Equipment rentals for this and all other programs are available! This program runs from October-March.

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