Huntsville Skating School and Training Academy


The mission of the Rent-A-Coach program is to safely provide the most basic ice skating instruction. This is intended for single sessions, rather than ongoing lessons and can be an appropriate arrangement for either individuals or groups, including birthday parties.

All coaches must be reserved at least 1 weeks in advance.  If you desire a coach as part of a birthday party, you can book the coach with the front office at the same time you book the party. The coach charge will be added to your party total.

Rent-A-Coach can be booked during public sessions.


45 minutes - $50 per coach
60 minutes - $60 per coach
* Please note that the coach’s paid time begins with off-ice boot fitting and skate lacing (if necessary).
* Number of coaches required is dependent on group size, age and skating experience.

Skate Rental is available for $3 per person.


Public sessions can sometimes be quite crowded, while school sessions are limited to 25 skaters. Please consider this along with the needs of your group when you arrange your session.  While the costs will be higher for a school session, the environment will generally be safer and more suitable for learning. It may be more difficult to accommodate large groups and parties on the school sessions, however, due to attendance restrictions.


Rent-A-Coach group participants must be at least 5 years old. Children 4 and under should make arrangements with the skating school for one-on-one instruction or classes.
The number of coaches required to safely and adequately teach your group depends on several factors including the number of skaters, the skaters’ ages, their skating experience and whether they are teaching on a public or school session. Generally, one coach can accommodate 6-8 skaters unless they are very young.


For more information or to book a Rent-A-Coach, please contact the Skating School office at 256-883-3774 or

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