Facility Benefactors
Mr. and Mrs. Keith Schonrock Jr.
Uniglobe Travel Agency

Gold Sponsors
Coca Cola Bottling Incorporated
Milberger & Associates Architects
Mr. & Mrs. Benton Wilcoxon

Silver Sponsors
Acustar Incorporated
Dr. & Mrs. George Harriman
Mrs. Chauncey Huth
First Alabama Bank
Mr. Joe Ritch

Bronze Sponsors
Dr. & Mrs. Klaus Medenbauch
Dr. & Mrs. William Sullins
Dr. & Mrs. Eugene Tate
Dr. & Mrs. Henry Waites
Mr. & Mrs. Jerry Denver
Mr. & Mrs. Ray Dotson
Mr. & Mrs. James Howell
Mr. & Mrs. Terry Roal
Mr. & Mrs. Doug Ross
Amsouth Bank
Burger King
Central Bank of the South
Mr. & Mrs. George Stewart
The Akins Family Eastern Dredging & Construction
Huntsville Amateur Hockey Association
Slap Shot Hockey Club
Spencer Companies Incorporated
Wikle Thornton Holcombe & Associates Insurance

Facility Sponsors
Mr. & Mrs. Robert Thurber
Mr. & Mrs. Charles Bendall
Colonial Bank
Mr. & Mrs. Richard Campbell
Mr. & Mrs. Jerry Holcombe
Mr. & Mrs. S L Sullins Jr

Facility Supporters
Mr. & Mrs. Sonny Atkinson
Mr. & Mrs. James Bower
Mr. James Bult
Mr. & Mrs. Jimmy Carter
Mr. & Mrs. James Cook
Mr. & Mrs. Charles Davidson
Mr. & Mrs. Gerald Donovan
Dr. & Mrs. Alan Dowd
Mr. William Harrell
Mrs. Manuela Holbert
Mr. Clifford Ibsen
Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Jobes
Mr. John Mostert
Mr. & Mrs. Al Mountain
Nichold Research Corporation
Mrs. Brenda Pricht
Dr. & Mrs. James Pignatoro Jr
Mr. & Mrs. Walter Price
Regal Nissan
Mr. E. Ray Ritch
Mr. & Mrs. Stanley Rodgers
Mrs. Colleen Rodriguez
Dr. & Mrs. Ron Saunders
Mr. & Mrs. Watson Sharp
Mr. & Mrs. Charles Shaver
Space City Lions Club
Sun Valley Sod
Mr. & Mrs. James Thornton
Mr. & Mrs. Luther Wikle
Dr. & Mrs. Bernard Vatz


Friends of the Facility

Dr. Janice Thornton Mannir


Steve Clough

Iroquoi Systems

Kimberly Ford

Susan Phelan

William Sammons

Nicole Harper

Robert Jones

Dudley Burwell

James Heusner

Lawrence Hennebeck

Penelope Bashore

Tracey Dickson

Bentley Buick

Geoffrey Beech

Kevin Caputo

Tonya Zbell

Pamela Chamness

Frances Woodard

Houston Cropp

Chuck Saunders

Sharon Mitchell

Robert and Amy Mosely

Jr. Skating Club of Huntsville

Michael Thorne

Ryan McCormick

Dana Tomalty

American Bank of Huntsville

Eastside Partners

Huntsville Havoc

Lones Electrical

Short Stop

Dr. Beverly Sticklse

William Matthews

Crawford Investments

Constance Tuck

Jim, Virginia, and Mike Fowler

Sasha Sealy
Bronze Sponsor

Facility Supporters

Keith and Donna Marie Schonrock

Bill Bee



Steve Johnson

New York Life

Diep Trinh

Sheree Hendrick

Michael Finnegan

Jerre and Jean Penney

Edward Ragland

Martinson and Beason

AL Senator Arthur Orr


Gold Sponsors

North Alabama Hockey Association


Bronze Sponsors

David and Vicki Edwards

Dr. Dino and Kathy Ferrante

Worthington Bank

Bryant Bank

Penelope Smith

Jeff and Suzy Buehrle

Bob Gifford

Keith Schonrock III

Editha Dotson Bowser

Joseph F. Kestner

Joyce Griffin

Fred Hudson

Pat Blackman

Ira and Betty Landrith

Heather Schonrock

Surgery Center of Huntsville /Bill Sammons

Scott and Kimber Appleton

Kristi Kelly

Chris Harper

Southern Consulting

Association of the United States Army Huntsville Chapter

Redstone Federal Credit Union

Kimberly Ziehlke

Olympia Construction

AL Representative Mike Ball

Betty Schonrock

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